Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 1 Introduction The Spanish Subjunctive for Beginners: For Beginners? Why?

    • 2 Breaking down Spanish verbs in the Subjunctive: It's easiler than you think!

    • 3 WOOPA and the Triggers: Learn and easy way to know when to use the Subjunctive

    • 4 Wishes: Learn which kind of Wishes trigger off the Spanish Subjunctive.

    • 5 Opinions: Learn how to give your opinion with the Spanish Subjunctive!

    • 6 Obligations: Using the Spanish Subjunctive to tell people what to do!

    • 7a Possibilities: It's possible that you might just learn a lot!

    • 7B Possibilities: Quizá, Tal vez and A lo mejor

    • 8 Afterwards: The last but not the least of the Subjunctive Trigger family

    • 9 The Present Perfect tense and the Subjunctive: I hope they have eaten

    • 10 The Weird and the Wonderful: The part that is art